Planning for the new year

cheers to the new year picture

…or how am I going to try it in 2021.

As is what happens every year, I am looking back on 2020, and seeing if I can improve my productivity and satiate my ADD for another year. I am also evaluating how I planned things for the year and how abysmal I did in meeting my goals. Let’s not mince words, I did horribly.
So, if you want to delve into the mind of an ADD-addled creative, read on, and I hope you have some questions answered. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Problems…

1. Overloading myself/The To-Do List

Many gurus of the organized world will say making a to-do list will help you meet your daily goals. This is sound advice unless you are me and have ADD.
I will make the list with all the things I want to do, look at how long it is, get overwhelmed, and wind up clicking Youtube and Twitter all day. This, in turn, fills me with dread, anxiety, and makes me feel as if I am completely useless. So, I started thinking about how to stem this habit of my overloaded list.

2. Trying to do a large project in a day

I am so guilty of this. I will wake up with a long list of projects and attempt to do a large one in one day. When I say a large project, I mean a project that takes hours of research, outlining, scripting, recording, and editing.
I do this to myself and then get stressed when the day is coming to a close and I am just at the recording phase of the project. I then get discouraged and the project gets shelved never to be finished or uploaded. Then I get angry at myself everytime I see it in my Evernote.

3. Placing tight deadlines on myself

When you’re a content creator on Youtube, there are trending topics you need to jump on in order for your channel to stay relevant and people clicking to see what you have to say and how you present it. I fell for this too many times and placed impossibly tight deadlines on myself in order to churn out content.
This left me feeling pressed for topics and trending subjects to talk about. This left me stressed, pressed, flustered, and burned out. It got to the point where the fun of making videos became a fleeting memory. It became a chore, a thing that HAD to be done and not something I wanted to do.

The Resolutions…

No, they aren’t New Years resolutions, but possible fixes to my problems.


Project for my main blog

I am still using the lists, but as you can see, I have broken up the large project into stages. This will help me stay on task, keep me working without fretting, and make the project more manageable.
I am also hoping I can apply this to interviews, story writing, and article/blog posts for the new year.

This pretty much knocks out the first two problems, if I implement it properly. Now, for the third one.

Remember I am only human

I made the decision a while ago to only do what I enjoy doing, even if it means taking longer to grow my blogs and channels on Youtube. If I don’t enjoy what I am doing, I tend to avoid it at all costs, hurting my productivity and making me spiral into self-doubt and disappointment.
I must also take a look at the list for the day and realize I may not get to it all, and that is perfectly fine. There will also be days that I may not feel well or when staring at the computer does not bring me any ideas. I will not force my creativity. It never works out well for me.

With my new plan in hand, I hope to better in the next year, and oh, no more challenges. I never complete them anyway.

Until next time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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