Of Snippets and Little Ideas…

…or how you have to write it down when it pops into your head.

With my ADD, there are a lot of things that I forget if I don’t write it down. Stories, poems, and streams of consciousness that resonate in my head before bed and during day often get overlooked and lost to the ether. When it happens on Twitter, I tend to make mini-threads. Here are a couple of those posts.

Writer in the Morning

If you follow me on Twitter, it’s no secret that love coffee. So, when this started to type itself out in my head, I put it down in a post.

The Escape

I have no clue where this one came from, but then again, my mind works in ways I can’t fathom sometimes.

I wrote the first part independently from the rest and had to retweet to add to it. It was not until after I had hit the button that I realized I could have just added to the thread.
Ce la vie.

If anymore pops into my head from either of these beginnings, I may continue the stories here, which would mean proofreading the tweets a little more and adding to them. After all that’s how The Cabin came to be and how Chronicle was born.

Until next time, be kind and stay geeky!
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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