Did you know I have a book launch party?

…or hey, I am going to release my first book!


Yup, my first novel is set to be released Dec. 6, and I am just a LITTLE nervous. Just a little. Nothing to worry about here. I got this. I’m cool. I’m calm. I’m-

Who am I kidding? I can’t concentrate on anything! I can’t wait for Sunday!

The launch party will be a live stream where I will answer questions, talk about how the idea for my book popped into my head, and how it got written. We will also be playing some games with everyone. So, come join us!
I will also be talking about upcoming projects that I will be posting on Wattpad and more for the Smashwords site.
The live stream will take place on my channel at 5 PM EST/4 PM CST. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel while your there, please. It will help a lot.

Two detectives will embark on a case that will change how they see reality forever.
a young physician with a dark secret has an obsession with a famous children’s author.
will the case be solved before the author is killed?
there’s only one way to find out!
book releases on dec. 6, 2020 at midnight EST

click on the picture for the shop.


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