That Traitor Sells What?

…Or “Get your 7 Days to Die Traitor Joe’s program here! Can’t tell one traitor from another without your program!”

Form the nicest to the grumpiest, they’re all right here.

Alpha 19 was a roller coaster of visual updates, new skins, new weapons, new mechanics, and new glitches. The one thing that was talked about was the shuffling and updating of the traders you find on your survival adventures. I looked high a low for a guide on the who’s who and decided to pop into Navez in creative mode to teleport about and get the lowdown on their whereabouts and their specialties. So, click “more” my friend and get reacquainted with all the traders we’ve grown to love, tolerate, and downright despise.

trader Jen
7 Days to Die Traitors
Boarder traitor
Medical Trader
Traps trader
armor trader
The bright spot in the apocalypse, Jen.

This old girl has been through a lot of changes, including being added and poor old Jimmy being shipped off to White River. Jen started out looking like a battle-worn, gruff female with a male-toned voice you could find in the middle of the wasteland in Navez. When Alpha 19 was unstable, they moved her to the boarder of the green and burnt biomes. They gave her a glam face lift and all-over makeover. She’s a sight for sore eyes with a bedside manner to match. Jen, like the others, can sell a wide variety of wares, but she focuses in the things that fix you up and keep you safe. You can come to her for all your medical needs, armor, and traps of all kinds, but you have to work fast. When she restocks, that dart trap you’ve had your eye on will go by the wayside.

Jen here has also been given new lines and her backstory suggests she’s in trouble and has to make protection payments. This could be the Fun Pimps expanding the lore to make a story line, but only time will tell.

Trader Bob
Vehicle Trader
food trader
ammo trader
7 days to die traitors
7 days to die traders
Bob, your buddy in the desert.

If there was anyone you would expect to have a sour attitude, it would be the trader most often found in the desert, right? Wrong, Bob here is a friendly fella who needs your help from time to time. He’s always happy to see ya and is willing to chat as long as you have time to for quests and coin to spend.

Bob has cornered the market on anything from bicycles to gyros. That’s right! He’s your 7 Days to Die vehicle salesman without the pitch. He’s got anything from the schems to parts to whole vehicles in his shop at each restock. That’s not all he offers. Being in the desert, food, and ammo can be hard to find. Bob has a stockpile of ammo, tools, and a good variety of groceries to boot!

Joel, your knowledge guy.

Old Joel here has been around a while. In Navez, he seems to have made the best of his situation by building a fort in the green biome and living the lush life. This friendly face is full of experience and knowledge. He likes to help people out and make new friends in this tough time.

He isn’t adverse to sharing his knowledge either. This scholar of Navez has schematics and books at the ready for your purchase. Joel also has a bevy of parts, a stockpile of resources and ammo, a respectable stock of weapons, and modifications.

7 days to die traitors
7 days to die traders
weapons trader
ammo trader
resource trader
food trader
Hugh, the gruff survivalist.

If you’re looking for a friendly face in the snow biome, you won’t find it. With harsh winds, heavy snow, bears, and snow leopards, the this frozen biome has birthed a hearty, no-nonsense, trader that takes no guff and gives no smiles. Hugh has been at this a while, and like most people who live in unsavory conditions, he’s amassed an impressive array of items in his store.

Hugh is like a one-stop-shop, in a sense. You can come to him in a pinch for groceries, weapons, ammo, and resources for days. He also carries parts for tools and weapons, and you can sometimes find armor.

Trader Rekt
Food trader
ammo trader
7 days to die traitors
7 days to die traders
Rekt, the wasteland farmer

Now, we come to the last in line, the trader everyone loves to hate. Meet Rekt, the rude, foul mouthed, ill-tempered trader of Navez. Can you really blame him though? How would you feel if the only homestead you lived on was in the most inhospitable biome of Navez where growing crops is darn-near impossible? You can find Rekt in the wasteland biome.

If you can put up with his attitude, you will find he’s got the usual fare up for sale in his shop. He’s got a pantry of food and a safe full of ammo.

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