I screwed up.

Yup, I know I have missed quite a few days and fell back into old habits. Time to hit the reset button and give it another go. I am determined to get into a routine and stick to it. Why I am blogging my slip?


I hold myself accountable and want to share it with you. I fell off the wagon of establishing a habit by stopping the daily planning and making to-do lists. I am not proud of this. I could blame it on depression, but I find that blaming it on that is a crutch and an easy way out. I don’t want the easy way. I know I stopped doing the things I resolved and promised myself I would do. I have no excuses and no explanation for why I was lazy. It just was laziness, and that’s that.

Moving on from here…

I will start Monday anew. I will write in the planner and make entries in the to-do list. I will make sure the list will not be filled with so many items that I feel overwhelmed and then shut down, not getting anything done. I have a tendency of doing that, and I need to work on that. I will work on that starting tomorrow. No more procrastinating and putting things off. I am fighting with myself to improve myself, and instead of complaining about feeling like a bump on a long while doing nothing to fix it, I will be proactive in recognizing when I am about to make excuses and stop myself.

Goals for the coming week…

I have two big blog posts coming up:
1. A breakdown of Animal Farm, Chapter One
2. A review of The Ancient Magus Bride
The rest of the posts will be whatever pops into my head.
1. Review of part Two of Batwoman’s Elegy graphic book.
2. The restart of my solo 7 Days to Die.

Freelance Writing Update

I am down to one client. The person who expressed interest in me writing scripts has not contacted me since the beginning of last week. I am getting the distinct impression the person is stringing me along, and I can’t wait for her to finally remember she has me waiting for give me my first assignment. Time is money and waiting for the person is not getting me any clients to grow my freelance business.
So, Monday starts me filling out proposals in hopes to get more clients. I have to make my goal of a minimum of three.

Writing Goals

This one has me kicking myself the most. I fell off the wagon and have to hit it hard. I will be fitting it into my schedule, or I will never meet my goal of publishing one book this year. I have to finish editing the novel I have finished and find someone with reasonable rates to do the cover.

On that note…

This is all for now. I am determined to get my life and schedule in order. I have to recognize and break this cycle I am stuck repeating.

Until Next Time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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