A Totally Random Post

writingblogday19 So, here I am, four days behind. I am just starting from here. I am going to keep writing these to see how many days I miss. I didn’t get much sleep the past few nights, last night being an exception. So, you can say my brain has been mush, total mush. So, it’s time for a totally random post.

In this post you will probably get all kinds of random thoughts and stuff. This is your only warning.

I don’t have to agree with you to be your friend.

There are some people out there that get bent when you disagree with them, especially on political topics. They get so angry they end friendships and stop talking to relatives. This is childish behavior on an epic scale. You’re not going to agree with your friend on everything, and they shouldn’t expect you to agree with them on all topics either. We are all individuals, and as such, there will be things we won’t agree on. The best course of action isn’t to huff, puff, and say the obligatory, “We can’t be ________.” Just skip that subject and talk about other things. I’m sure there are plenty of other things you can talk to your friend or relative about without talking about the things that you don’t agree on.
I have a few friends and relatives I avoid talking politics with because we have such differing views they get upset when I don’t agree. It’s fine and nothing to throw away a relationship over. Be adult. Agree to disagree and move on to something else.

“Who cares?” Means they really don’t care.

Ocasio-Cortez has to be the most ill-informed person in Congress to date. She tweets inaccuracies showing her ignorance on an almost daily basis, and when she receives criticism, she thinks it’s because she’s young and female. No, it’s not that. She’s missed it completely. When you admit you’re a socialist, you put most of us, who do not want full-blown socialism on edge. When you don’t even know the branches of government or even where a senator is depending on what he is doing, it shows your ignorance. I’ve criticized male and female politicians alike. I don’t look at gender when I criticize. I look at what you said and respond to that.
She tried to say she got under Trump’s skin. When someone asked President Trump, “What do you think about Ocasio-Cortez calling you stupid.” (paraphrasing) he asked for the reporter to repeat himself and then responded by waving his hand dismissively and saying, “Who cares?” That’s not the reaction of someone who is annoyed. It’s the response of someone who doesn’t give a crap.

The Problem with Females in the Media and Entertainment

You can’t give a negative opinion on a female role in movies, television, or even a female politician or reporter without many people pulling the sexism card. It’s so hard for them to fathom that MAYBE it’s because the person’s performance sucked or that the politician said something dumb. No, it’s because they are female, and you’re a sexist person. That’s where we are at. What happens if you’re female and critique another female? Well, then you have internalized misogyny and you need to sort that shit out. It’s either that, or you’re a traitor to your gender. No, joke, I can’t make this up.

Your Identity and Your Sexual Orientation or Gender

I’ve seen this too many times to count. Someone gets called out, and immediately they assume it’s because they are gay, bi-sexual, a lesbian, a female, [insert imaginary gender here], and not because they said something call-out worthy. In my opinion, this is due to them tying who they are to what they are, making it impossible for them to understand that maybe it’s their personality or something they said. What you are is your race, gender, sexual orientation. Who you are is made up of your core beliefs, how you were raised, the mistakes you’ve made and learned from, and how you see the world and your personality. When you meld the two together in the vein of identity politics, you’ve essentially erased who you are, leaving only the what. It’s due to this that many people are quick to name-call and throw labels out like candy. It’s sad really.

Let me know what you think about any of these thoughts in the comments. I am looking forward to talking with you!



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