The Magical Spoon of Propaganda


There is spoon of silver glint,

With magical properties and a sinister tint.

It feeds the populace with lies and deceit,

And most people take from it and continue to eat.



This spoon of silver and magical ilk,

Feeds from a bowl with food smooth as silk.

It looks innocent and completely fine.

When it’s made of lies, propaganda, and slander sublime.


There are too many people who happily eat

From the spoon thinking it a great treat.

They don’t question its content nor what it’s made of.

They take because it’s the food they love.

The bowl of propaganda is served everyday,

And sheep happily take it and go about their way.

They happily spread all the vitriol and hate,

And get mad when told their views aren’t great.


There is a gnashing of teeth and a stamping of feet,

Because others won’t take what they thought was a treat.

To those that said, “No thank you, but here.”

Were ridiculed, hated and openly jeered.


For arguments degraded, and turned to name-calling,

Because they had no valid points and thus turned to trolling.

They never once, in their lives, questioned one little thing;

For the soup on the spoon had completely pulled them in.


Question everything. Believe nothing, and have a good day.

The Mad Woman


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