The Good, The Forgotten, and the Protectors…

…A Memorial Day Post.

For those who fought in the trenches

when the gas was thick

and the battles were close,  

the borders were drawn, but never with fences.

Thank you.


For those who fought in deserts, streets and on our seas,

 who flew metal birds and soared among the clouds,

and dug in deep from the shores of Pearl Harbor to the sands of Iwo Jima,

you fought on a stage that was too large to see.

Thank you.

For those that came to Korea’s aid

when the North threatened oppression,

and endless regulation,

and those that are still there today,

Thank you.


To those who came home to hatred and total disdain,  

the unsung heroes in the jungles of ‘Nam

to those soldiers who gave their youth and dedication,

and those who think that their country has forgotten them time and again.

Thank you, and I am Sorry.

To those in the deserts and fighting in crowded streets,

to those who seek the hidden and protect the weak,

to those who are our last defense,

and are ever threatened by bombs less than discreet. 

Thank you.


This is the day that was originally set aside to honor those that fell in the Civil War.  Now, we honor all of our soldiers, living and passed, that fought for the freedoms that some of us now take for granted.  There are those who have always been remembered, and those have been unjustly cast aside and, through the court of public opinion at the time, were shunned and despised.  These disenfranchised soldiers need also be remembered and honored.  They too, gave of themselves, and, in service of their country fought for the liberty of others.  So, on this day, and any other, if you see a service member, current or retired, thank them.  For what they fight for, we can never thank them enough.


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