Morgan the Cursed: In the Beginning

It was a knock on my window that started it. I was four and it woke me up in the inky black night. My eyes flew open at the sound, but I didn’t dare roll over or sit up. My room was on the second floor. there was no way anything could knock on my window. It felt like forever until my eyes closed again. I don’t know when I rolled over, but the second time the knock came, I was facing the window. My eyes looked up and down, left to right. Nothing was on the other side.

My dad’s light shaking woke me up, “Hey Munchkin, you never sleep this late.”

He felt my forehead, “You feelin’ alright?”

I sat up rubbing my eyes, “Something was knocking on my window last night. It scared me.”

I watched my dad walk over to the window, “What kind of knocking was it?”

“It’s like the sound mom makes with her fingernail on the table when she’s thinking.”

He came back over to me and sat down on my bed, “We’ll keep this between you and me.” I don’t think Mommy will think much of it.”

I nodded and got ready for breakfast. 

Everything was quiet until lunch when Dad had to leave for work. Mom was in the kitchen making ham sandwiches when there was a knock on the back glass door. Mom walked over to the door. She looked around outside, shrugged, and went back to making lunch. She was making me a grilled cheese when there was another knock. I ran into the dining room from the TV room to look out the door. Mom had gotten to it before me. This time, Mom walked outside and paced around the backyard. This is when I heard a low giggle in the house. It happened again near my parents’ room and then nothing. 

Dad walked in from working having only a half-day. We walked into the house as Mom was putting dinner on the table. He saw the look on my face and his smile faded. Mom told me to get ready for dinner, and Dad said he’d get ready, too. 

He turned on the water to warm it up, “Did anything else happen today?”

As we scrubbed our hands, I recounted what I had heard and what Mom did. 

“Daddy, I’m scared.”

He kneeled down and put his hands on my shoulders, “Did your mom hear the giggles?”

I shook my head causing him to sigh, “Good. Let me see if I hear anything tonight. Don’t tell your mom.”

“Daddy, when can we tell Mom?”

“Leave that to me. I think if you told her-”

I hung my head down, “She wouldn’t believe me.”

He lifted my head and kissed my forehead, “She would probably think your imagination is running away with you. Just know that I believe you, Munchkin.”

By the time we made it back to the dining room, Mom had all the pots on the table and was making up my plate, “I think we may have a prankster in the neighborhood, Robbie.”
Dad, raised an eyebrow as he loaded his plate and sat down, “What makes you say that?”

“There was a tapping on the sliding glass door, but when I went to look, there was no one there.”

“Kids you think?” Dad asked as he took a beer out of the fridge and popped it open.

Mom agreed and sat down with her plate, “What do you think we should do?”

“It may not be anything but keep an eye on it.”


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